Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's been like decades I nv update my blog already. . .I guess it's dying soon. But still thxful for some ppl who still visit my blog.=). Appreciate it...

Life have been good though in the midst of exam........I dun wanna giv myself too much pressure already.I would jux giv my best and most imptly u mux have the right and positive mindset in order to overcome what's ahead.

What's the point of giving urself so much stress that will lead u into physical/mental illness. BUT OF CUX LA!!!! who dun have stress.....of cux mux have some stress la deh...if not there's no drive/motivation to continue of what u're doing. Whatever it is.....everything mux have a balance. As for me....I PLAY REAL HARD when come to enjoyment but of cux i have to study hard too...

OH MY WHAT AM I TOKING.....sound contradicting. NAH!!!! I'M NOT. I think i'm crazy already....HAHA

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I guess this blog is getting rusty.It's been quite sometime since I blog. Anyway, I hope everyone out there have a fruitful celebration yea.

I'm really looking forward for a brand new year ahead, "2010". I realize that Every even year will be a good year compared to the odd year for me. I faced so many obstacles and down times esp regarding my family matters. But u noe it make me felt more stronger after every obstacle have passed.

What I have learnt this yr is that. Being a Sole breadwinner of a Family, u cannot use $$ to show ur care and concern to ur spouse or children. And u think u could anyhow throw temper or wad shit to them. FUK IT!!That's not the fuking way. Not only that, u're losing the respect from them even more. Wad's more, they might get influence by the terrible temper u got.

On the other hand, It's time for me to save up already. Have been spending a lot lately. I have to keep a habit of saving up!!!!.. It's good to have a target. Target: Save up another $1k. So looking forward to it....


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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My blog is so rusty now!!!!!...Wondering is there any more readers that still visit my blog...

Really Busy wif my daily life.....

2009 is really the worst year that I encounter in my life. . . .I prefer 2008!!But nvm, 2010 is coming!!so looking forward for a brand new yr....I can visualize that 2010 is going to be a fruitful and joyful year for me and more blessing shall come my way...

You and me, could write a bad romance. . .

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Attachment Trip to China~.

I would say this is a fun and memorable trip with the ppl. I realise I changed alot after coming back from this trip. Beside learning abt all the air-craft stuff.After this trip.I learn to discipline myself and handle some things that i nv did before.I shall not name it out. jux noe it myself can already.

And of cux, I get to noe alot of new cool frens there which we got to see one another for more than a month EVERYDAY..HAHA. Life nv stop filling with laughter there.here are some of the pic that i uploaded. There are way too many photos.if u r interested to see it. U can go to my facebook profile to check it out. there are a total of 4 albums. So Enjoy.=)

My work place....
Haha. . .My two great frens....
on our way to bei Jing
Forbidden City

Lol . . OMFG. So gay. . .
My Hotel's room in Bei Jing
My bed in the train..haha

Took photo wif the student from France.
Great Wall
When touch down to Bei Jing, went over to find my God-Father(Dad's business fren)
He treated my fren and I Dinner. Tat Dinner was really high class.One of the great dinner that I dined.
All the above are my Dad's business partner or friends in Bei Jing.
Tian An Men.....

Interested for more pics???haha.. refer to my facebook.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

HELLO READERS. . . .I'm BACK HOME....i think i do have the drive to blog anymore.hahah... but i will try my best to motivate myself to do so....

will update my trip over to china for attachment soon.(:

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Monday, August 31, 2009


TRANSFORMER is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON DERRICK!!!!!!!!!!!! ENDURE....4 more DAYS and it's OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009



-Pass my first job Interview...Hope thay they will accept me for the second interview as I only can work after 17 Oct

- Will be flying to Jianmusi, China for attachment. From 7 Sep to 16 Oct.

"SIAN" things:

-Exam start next week....I will giv my best shot but I wouldn't wan to stress abt it anymore.Now the word "Stress" is out of my Dictionary.

-The hotel I'm living in China, there's no washing service and gym...-_-". Freak up. I cant survive there without it.

I have nv wash clothes wif my bare hand before and I cant do without gym like for 1 month plus?? So I have to search for Fitness club and Laundry Services when I arrived there.

My new addiction.....Man..I'm so into Hong Kong Drama now....The guy who act as MC. Is so "Wei Da" man....I'm inspired by him. So touching.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jux came back from gym...Cool. It make me feel good and look good.Jux cant do without it. ;).HAHA.

Anyway....It's been weeks,I'm having hectic schedule which resulted me to lose contact with quite a number of frens.Ppl..U noe who u r rite?haha.Jux anyone who are my frens.(: I guess majority of them are busy too due to projects,work and upcoming exams.

I'm also busy too:

-Left with OOP project, CDIO project and CRS presentation to hand up

-Exams in next 2 weeks time which i have yet to study.Damn. Mux start my mugging session and revision next week already.

Last Sat I went over to Malaysia. I forgot wad's the place call already. Went over to rest and relax. I need time to enjoy rite??...haha. The hotel is quite big and they give us the VIP carpark too. Jux come out of the lobby door and it's my Dad's car already.HAHA.

I notice that Malaysia do have gorgeous lady too...HAHA. When i was standing outside one of the Nokia store waiting for my Dad and Cousin. Got this lady from the Nokia store was looking at me.(Not trying to be thick skin but jux stating fact). When I look at her, I jux got the "electric shock" from her. She smile at me too wif her big gorgeous eyes and beatiful long permed hair.HAHAH...OTS, u shld noe who izzit rite..HO HO... Hopefully i will wan to marry a Malaysian girl in the future.HAHAH.

Ate alot of things over there.....The food i could still rmb were: Asam Fish, "snow" fish and Crab. Keep complaining to cousin that i wan to eat RAMILY BURGER. But end up was too full and didn't get the chance to eat it. =/

Great time spent over there....And also, as my cousin are flying this coming Monday to ShangHai for 2 months for his attachment. I believe that this Malaysia trip was fruitful to spend more time wif him before he flies. As I'm also flying off to "Jia Mu Si", Northen China on 7th of Sep for my attachment too.

Our Hotel Room.


DASE/2B/23 plan to wear Red top and White bottom on Fri to show our loyalty to our Nation.HAHA....and we took a class photo.

Jason.....The Gu Niang.HAHA...jkjk. A great fren that always make me laugh.HAHA

Frens that i really treasure.....Nv failed to make me laugh till I drop when we went out. Everyone have a hectic schedule, didn't get the chance to meet the rest of the BROS.
HX,WJ and MARH.Make sure we gotta meet up after our exam yea...;)

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Forensic Heroes 2

It's my new love...my only time for me to relax after my studies.=)

It has been quite sometime since I followed up with drama.

I'm so addicted to this drama series..I know it's already out like last yr. But I jux get to know this drama series from starhub cablke tv, chnl 55. 9pm from Mon to Fri.

Anyone know which website can i go to watch it???Cant wait to finish the whole episode..

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's been a while since I blogged and pen down my thoughts.If it continue to be like this, I guess it will become rusty and the number of hits/readers will drop each day.HAHAHA...

I can say it is really tiring for me for the past few weeks. I dunno y, I jux felt so tired and lately I have been slping early. It is pure stressful whenever i think of the number of projects that is undone and of cux due to the upcoming labtests and Mid Sem Exams.

Today,I jux realise sth bad abt me after the trial CRS presentation!!!!.....I have been speaking more in chinese than in english that cause my way of speaking in english to be broken. And of cux...my mouth nv failed to speak out of uncivilised words or sentence like: *&^%@#!. HAHA. tat's sth i nid to change too.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


DATE ME, QUICK!!....=).

Blood Ties

The Final Destination


Where Got Ghost?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chocoholic have start a habit of reading.....hmmm

Food for thought: You will never know a deep friendship unless there is mutual loyalty and trust.

So think abt it..Who are the one who u conisder it as deep frenship.And I got my ans.;)

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